Mary’s Musings

Larry has been writing and telling you all about us becoming full time RVers. Let me tell ya my side of the story.

We went off on a cruise to Alaska to celebrate our 40 years of marriage, 40 years of ministry and both of us turning 60. This was on my bucket list forever. Most people want to go south on a cruise but I always wanted to go to Alaska. We had a great time. A beautiful place to go. Larry was disappointed he couldn’t drive the Ship or Drive the bus. I was saddened we couldn’t stopped when we wanted to. So this got me thinking.

I realized I love to go to new places and do new things. I also knew what we paid for our celebrating and I knew we couldn’t keep that up and keep up our stick built house. So I suggested we sell the house and go RVing, That’s all it took to get this journey underway.

So in 2016 we started downsizing, several yard sales later, moving into a one-bedroom apartment, and preparing our Puma 5th wheel. We are about ready to launch, sometime soon.

So stay tune to hear about our prowling around the USA and maybe over the big waters… We are excited about where God will take us on this adventure. You know I’m praying for Larry to have a place to preach each week as I really don’t want him to be preaching just to me. So join me in that.

2 thoughts on “Mary’s Musings

  1. Just curious: I know y’all did yard sells, but what in the world did you do with all your sentimental items? China, silver, crystal, pictures? Things handed down…this is fascinating to me! 🌸 your cousin, Sheila Jones🌸


    1. Sheila ;we offered them to the girls. The really didn’t want most of it. So Salvation Army got most of it. I one with the attitude, It’s my memory and people wont know why I have it and I cant take it with me. I got adventures to do any make more memories for me. But those are fading fast. Take lots of pictures. I keep some things, save my pictures and Raychel will be storing for me. It only two tubes so far. Hope this helps your curiosity. As fare as China, Silver, Crystal Didn’t have it to begin with. I’m a plain Jane! Your cousin wife, Mary


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