The Journey of Discovery – Part 1

When we began to think seriously about RVing full time, we began our journey of discovery.  I am a Google fan.  You might even say I’m a Googleite.(yes, I know that wasn’t a word, but it is now)  If there is something  I don’t know, or something I want to know more about my first stop is Google.   So my journey of discovery began with a Google search.

I was surprised at how many people were full timing.   I was also pleasantly  surprised how much information is available.

I enjoy listening to podcasts and was pleased to discover a handful of podcasts which have been quite helpful.  Here are my favorite RV related podcasts:

The RV Podcast Mike and Jennifer Wendlend are not full time RVers but they are close, RVing about three-fourths of the time.  Mike in a journalist and has reported on personal technology with NBC for many years he is known there as PC Mike.  He has won 18 Emmy awards during his career. The RV Podcast consists of news related to the RV lifestyle and industry, a tech feature, and interview focused on some aspect of the RV lifestyle and one of my favorite segments, “Off the Beaten Path” which features Tom and Patti Burkett who tell stories of great discoveries they make along the road as they travel.

RV Family Travel AtlasThis podcast documents the travels of Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi and their three boys.  They are not full timers but they provide a ton of great information about RVing.  They feature tips about RVs, travel, destinations, and gadgets.  They are fun and entertaining.  They do great interviews and provide relevant information on RV destinations.  They also do a second podcast called Campground of the Week.  In this podcast they, or one of their many reporters provide reviews of campgrounds all around the  country.  This too is an excellent podcast full of useful information.

RV Miles Jason and Abby Epperson along with their three sons travel full time in their converted school  bus, “Wander Bus.” Jason and Abby cover industry news, share tips they have learned along their journey, and speak quite honestly about the highs and lows of full time RV life.  They also do a second podcast which is America’s National Parks.  This creative podcast tells stories of the people and events behind our National Parks.  Jason and Abby along with occasional guests tell these stories in an engaging way and will heighten your knowledge and interest in our National Parks.  It is the finest podcast I listen to!

Living the RV Dream ­– This podcast with John and Kathy Huggins was one of the first podcast I discovered.  These full time RVers shared a lot of great information.  They are no longer producing the podcast but you can  still access archives of their podcasts at their web site,

There are many more helpful podcasts out there but these have been the ones I have benefited from the most.  I continue to listen to them weekly. I also recommend them to you.

One thought on “The Journey of Discovery – Part 1

  1. When you and Mary happen to land in Orlando, FL make sure you look us up we’d love to see you all. We are from your past in Perrysburg, Ohio at the Church. ☺ Patti and Carl Francis


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