Work Camping

“Adventuresome individuals, couples, and families who have chosen a wonderful lifestyle that combines ANY kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping. If you work as an employee, operate a business, or donate your time as a volunteer, AND you sleep in an RV, you are a Workamper!” ( Also known as workamping or … Continue reading Work Camping

Florence, Wisconsin

During May, we spent three weeks in Florence, Wisconsin. Traveling along U.S. Highway 2 in Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula, you enter Wisconsin when you cross the Menomonee River. U.S. 2 continues to run parallel to the river until it eventually crosses the river again back into Michigan. Along the way, you pass through Florence. For … Continue reading Florence, Wisconsin


Chance being towed down the road Just about everything can break. Especially something that rumbles down the road at high speed and shakes like an earthquake. The older the thing I would suppose the higher the chance of something breaking is. That certainly seems to be true for me. And it is true of Chance. … Continue reading BREAKDOWN