The Journey of Discovery – Part 2

In my last post I talked about my favorite pod casts and my fondness for Google Search.  Another resource I really enjoy is You Tube.  I have found that if there is something I need to do there is a good chance someone on You Tube has done it, filmed it, and explains how I can do it. 

For example, a few years ago Mary was in need of  a knee replacement.  Guess what, there are several knee replacement videos on You Tube!  So I watched several of them, got familiar with the process, I felt I was ready.  I am after all a doctor.  Granted, it is a Doctor of Ministry.  But as a pastor I do hang out at the hospital a lot.  After a quick trip to Harbor Freight I had all the tools I needed.  As a pastor I had a relationship with the local crematorium so I had a source for slightly used parts.  I found a very nice low mileage titanium knee. So I  was ready.

I figured if I could learn to do a knee replacement there must be a lot of good information about RVing on You Tube.  You know what, I was right. The following are a few of our favorite RV related You Tube channels.

LESS JUNK MORE JOURNEYThis is our favorite channel.  Nathan, Marissa and daughter Hensley are a full-time family.  They document their travels on their channel.  Nathan narrates their videos which are full of practical information about RVs, gadgets, destinations, RV life, food (lots of tacos & cinnamon rolls).  The dynamic of their family on the road is engaging.  Hensley is the absolute star of the show.  Nathans videography is superb.

KEEP YOUR DAYDREAM – (KYD)  Marc and Tricia and their three teens are also full-time RVers.  Their videos are fun, entertaining, and informative.  As they document their journey you can learn a ton about destinations, RV modifications, and practical RV information inn a highly entertaining way.  This couple and their kids are just plain fun.

DRIVN’ & VIBEN’Olivia and Kyle are full-time RVers.  Their videos are full of practical information about travel destinations, boon docking (parking in places which are typically free without electric, water, or  sewer connections), RV issues, cell coverage, and full-time life.  Recently they have been documenting their total renovation of their Argosy travel  trailer which has been very informative and interesting. Their followers are known as  the “Vibe Tribe.”

LONG, LONG HONEYMOON(loloho) Sean and Kristy are not full-timers but they do spend a lot of time on the road in their Airstream pulled by their truck, Seemore.  Their videos are fun and full of great information.  Sean does a lot of great product reviews and comparisons.  They provide good information about destinations and life on the road. 

MORTONS ON THE MOVETom and Cait Morton are full-time RVers.  Tom can do anything!  Well I don’t actually know if he can heal the sick or raise  the dead, but if it has to do with an RV, he can do it.  He can also produce movies.  I am impressed with the generosity of this couple.  If you watch many RV related channels  you will  find Tom and Cait showing up occasionally on other channels helping someone with something related to their RV.  I think they spent a month (maybe more) with Kyle and Olivia (Driven’ & Viben’) helping them re-build their Argosy.  Their videos are full of good, practical information.

There  are many more great RV channels on You Tube with tons of great information.  These are our top five.

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