Meet Pete-n-Pen

We are Mary and Larry, so who are Pete-n-Pen?  Pete is our 2010 Palomino Puma 253-FBS, a twenty-seven-foot fifth wheel.  So why Pete?  I grew up in the days of Merrie Melodies cartoons.  They gave us Loony Tunes and characters like  Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam, and Puma Pete.  Puma Pete usually stared with Bugs Bunny but occasionally appeared with Foghorn Leghorn.  Since our fifth wheel is a Puma, we named it in honor of Puma Pete. 

We pull Pete with a black 2018 RAM 3500 with a 6.4 L gas engine (it’s a Hemi!)  and eight-foot bed.  Following the Loony Tunes theme we named our truck Penelope, Pen for short.  Penelope Pussycat is the black cat who Pepe Lu Pew was always smitten with and pursuing in just about every episode. 

So Pete-n-Pen are both named in honor of Loony Tune characters which is appropriate since Loony Tunes are still my favorite cartoons and me and Mary are also loony tunes!

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