The Big Idea

We are Larry and Mary Allen.  We are on a journey to full time RV life.  We have camped our entire marriage.  In fact our first camping adventure was before we were married.  We started tent camping then had a series of popup campers over about forty years.  Little did we know those experiences would lead us to this journey to full time RV living.

This leg of our journey began in September 2015,  as we were celebrating our fortieth wedding anniversary.  We believed such an important milestone merited an epic celebration so we took a fourteen-day cruise/tour to Alaska.  We spent seven days cruising the Inside Passage and  seven days on a land tour.  It was while on this trip that Mary threw out the idea; “When we retire, we should start full time RVing.”  That’s all it took.  Immediately I was all in.

So that’s how this big idea was formed in our experience.  Later this year we will actually begin the full time RV living journey.  In the  weeks to come I will document what we have done to prepare for full timing.  I hope you’ll join me.  Maybe what we have learned will be helpful to  you or maybe our story will inspire you to begin a story of your own.

We are Prowlin with Pete-n-Pen. (Next time I’ll tell you about Pete-n-Pen.)

One thought on “The Big Idea

  1. Looking forward to hearings bout how God moves in Mary’s and your life’s. Love and prayers sent your way.❤️


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