This is not the camper we traveled in but is very similar.

Let me begin with a disclaimer.  This took place at least fifty-five years ago and I was pretty young at the time. Some of my memories are probably inaccurate and some may be down right manufactured.  But this is my story and I’m sticking to it.

My maternal grandparents had a truck camper. There was a cab over bed and a dinette which made a bed.  Granddaddy was a Ford man so the camper was perched upon a blue Ford truck. The only other thing I remember about this rig was an intercom between the cab and the camper.

My parents, sister, and I joined my grandparents on about a week long trip to Florida.  This was my first experience with RV travel.  Did you get the math?  There were six of us traveling in this truck camper.  The camper slept four.  The “girls” rode back in the camper and the “boys” rode up front in the cab of the truck. (This reminds me of my favorite story about this camper which I   was not actually a part of. My grandparents and aunt and uncle were t raveling together in the camper. Guys in the front gals in the back. They stopped for gas and the guys asked if the gals needed to go to the restroom. The gals said no they would wait.  After filling up the truck they resumed the trip.  About 45 miles later the guys, using the intercom, asked the gals a question.  There was no answer. The gals had changed their minds and decided to use the bathroom after all.)

Dad and I would sleep in a pup tent every night while the others occupied the sleeping spots in the camper.  One of two places I remember camping overnight was Suwanee River State Park.  When we checked in my dad was told that they had been having some trouble with wild boars in the park.  He and I were sleeping in a pup  tent.  That night dad had brought a hatchet to bed with him.  It’s a good thing since one of the boars tried to come in and have a sleepover with us.  Dad whacked him between eyes with the hammer side of the hatchet and the boar got the idea that he was not welcomed.

The other place I remember parking was behind a gas station one night.  The station had a picnic table under a roof of some sort. The main thing I remember about this place was the gnats and no-see-ums. they had these little bugs by the gazillion!  These pests got in your eyes, nose, mouth, ears and any other place where they could invade. I have not seen bugs so bad since then.  Because heavy rain was coming that night dad and I got a motel room right next door.

The only other thing  I remember about this trip is visiting St. Augustine.  I remember seeing the fort and taking a horse drawn carriage while there.

Even though my memories have and are fading of this my first RV adventure please don’t think it wasn’t impactful.  I remember it as a wonderful time that I still cherish.

Now here’s why this is important to me.  Just as my grandparents introduced me to RVing, I want to introduce my grandkids to RVing as well.  I want them to have memories which may fade over the years but the big idea remains.  When they’re old and forgetful they may not recall the details but they will remember what a great time it was.  And maybe they will one day do the same with their grandkids.

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