Our first trip with Chance II was a three-night, four-day, 1,777-mile drive from Harlingen, Texas to Warren, Michigan. The first two days were a little too ambitious. We averaged over five-hundred miles each of those days. On day one we drove to Lake Charles, Louisiana, and stayed overnight at a Walmart. The second day we drove to Memphis, Tennessee, where we met friends at a Cracker Barrel for dinner and overnighted there. Day three we drove just over three-hundred miles to a farm just outside of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. We mooch-docked with our friends the Underwoods who prepared an awesome steak dinner for us. Finally, the next day we arrived safely in Warren, Michigan where we mooch-docked for the next several days in the parking lot of our former church.

Chance II performed beautifully. I had no problem at all driving him. He ran great and handles very well. The ride is rougher than I like. I might need some new shocks and maybe some Manoa Springs. Better roads would also be a great help. The only real negative, which I knew would be the case, is the gas mileage. Chance II’s 8.1-liter engine loves gasoline. We are averaging about six miles a gallon. Early in the trip, it was quite warm. Instead of using the dash air conditioner I ran the generator and used the rooftop air conditioner which is more efficient.

We drove through six major cities, Fort Worth, Memphis, Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Detroit. We have since driven through Chicago as well. Because Chance II handles so well, city driving is really no problem. On the drive from Texas, we did not have our tow dolly, so Mary was following in our car. In the city, if I needed to change lanes, I would turn on my turn signal and Mary would then pull into the lane and clear it for me. Turns out, she is a fabulous blocker and it made driving in traffic much easier. However, we did have the tow dolly while driving through Chicago and had no problems.

Chance II has a residential refrigerator which we are loving. It is a large double-door model with an ice maker and through-the-door water and ice. But when boondocking we would have to run the generator in order to maintain the proper temperature. While we were in Warren our wonderful friends Dennis and Joe installed our solar system which we had removed from Chance when he died. These guys spent several hours on the installation and did a great job! We are so thankful for them! The solar system is six-hundred watts of solar panels, four-hundred-amp hours of life Po batteries, and a three-thousand-watt inverter charger. This now enables us to boondock without running the generator as long as we have sunny days.

So far we have put over twenty-two hundred miles on Chane II we have grown very fond of him. He is our home. We love the journey he is taking us on and the adventures we are sharing. Together we are second chance vagabonds.

6 thoughts on “THE MAIDEN VOYAGE

  1. I saw you parked out back after Sunday service…you two are sort of like Where’s Waldo…popping up here and there. So glad He continues to bless and protect you.


  2. Looks great!! Sounds like you are enjoying being on the road again! I’m super happy you are! Joanne and I left Florida Mar 4th and travel west to see my sister in Bullhead City, AZ then on to Utah to see 4 of the 5 national parks. Through Wyoming and Iowa to Missouri to visit my daughter and now in Dexter, Mo to see my brother in law. Soon to head to Ohio and to Michigan for dr appointments.


  3. I love hearing about your journey. Chance 2 seems like a good friend. God be with you every mile He takes you.


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