We did it! Wednesday (4/20/22) at 10:32 AM we rolled out on our second chance at full-time RV living. After an eighteen-month hiatus, we are back on the road again. If you read this blog regularly you know we had to leave the road due to a serious health issue. Just a little over a year ago I was dying. But God has given us a second chance and now we are vagabonds again. Thus we are the 2nd Chance Vagabonds traveling in our 1999 Fleetwood Southwind Storm we are calling Chance.

We stopped for the night and are Waldocking, that is we are parked in a Walmart parking lot. This particular Walmart is in Athens, Ohio. Athens is located in southeast Ohio and is the home of Ohio University. The city sits within the Stanley National Forest in the Hocking Hills. It really is a beautiful setting. Last night was quiet and we get good enough T-Mobile Cell service to stream video last night and we get a few TV stations. We were able to pick up a few supplies, which is always the thing to do when overnighting in a business parking lot.

We are heading to Fries (pronounced freeze), Virginia, where we will be for six nights. I’ll be doing some preaching there over the weekend. We hope to see some of the sites while we are there and take a day trip over to Lynchburg, Virginia while we are there. Fries is along the New River in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Part of the New River Trail State Park begins there and I am hoping to ride a bit of it while we are there.

When we leave Fries, we are going to General Butler State Park in northern Kentucky. We are meeting up with some friends and will visit the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum while we are there.

We have a lot planned for the next twelve months and I look forward to telling you about it in the coming weeks. We are so thankful and excited to be traveling again. We are thankful first of all to God for all he has done for us! This is our greatest motivation. His work on our behalf has been miraculous! We travel and minister along the way out of gratitude to him. We also have so many friends to have helped us as we prepared for this adventure. They helped us prepare Chance for the journey and move out of our apartment. Without them, we would have been lost. And I am thankful for my organ donor, who saved my life.

We are the 2nd Chance Vagabonds and we look forward to sharing our travels with you.

3 thoughts on “FULL-TIME RVING PART 2

  1. Congrats on your return to the road! Be safe in your travels. Be sure and take 65South and come visit when you can!


  2. I love your story, and I look forward to following your adventures. We are from the Midwest, so I expect I’ll be researching many of the places you visit. God bless you and your travels!


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