A little over a year ago we stopped full time RVing. We had been fulltiming a little over a year when I had a medical emergency which knocked us off the road. (You can read the details of the medical emergency in The Unexpected Journey in earlier posts on this blog.) We could not foresee ever being able to full time again or RV at all. So we sold our truck and fifth wheel and walked away from RVing for good. We thought.

But God had another plan. After having a miraculous double transplant and complete recovery. We began to get the itch to roam once again. Even before getting out of the hospital we began to talk about what RVing might look like in our future. We bought a motorhome, (You can read about that here.)  and began making some short trips to see how we would do. As our Michigan winter arrived it wasn’t hard to begin thinking about not being in the north next winter. Why sit shivering in the cold and snow when you don’t have to? So, we began thinking about what being snowbirds would look like. We had sold our house when we began full timing and now live in an apartment. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to pay rent year round if you’re not going to be there half of the time. Frankly,  for us it is not financially feasible. 

In the thirteen months that we were traveling in the beginning we traveled almost 28,000 miles through twenty-two different states. We traveled from the shore of Lake Superior to the Gulf of Mexico. We went from Devil’s Tower, Wyoming to Cape May, New Jersey. We camped in National Parks, State Parks and boondocked on BLM land. We overnighted at Cracker Barrels, Walmarts, and even a Home Depot. We also overnighted at a number of Harvest Hosts. And we had a blast. And we miss it.

We began talking about what full timing might look like for us now. Because of my transplants I have certain medical issues which will make things a little different. Right now I have to have blood work every two weeks and see a transplant doctor once a month. Once I have my one year anniversary of my transplant these appointments will be less frequent. I can have my lab work done in just about any place we might be. Some doctors appointments can be done virtually and I can have my medications sent anywhere. One thing  is certain, God gave me a miracle and I’m not going to waste it. A nineteen-year-old young man lost his life and I received his liver and a kidney and I am going to be a good steward of his precious gift.

Before we sold everything. Everything we owned was in our RV or truck. So, when we left the road we had to start all over from scratch. Thanks to dear friends and family this was made much easier. But, this time we are going to put what we have in our one bedroom apartment in storage. So that when we leave the road the next time we’ll be better prepared.  We will not keep as ambitious a pace as we did before. During most summers we will spend the bulk of our time between Michigan and Minnesota to be near our two daughters and their families. 

But we are going to do it. The end of March we will move out of our apartment, into the motorhome, Chance. The plan is to stay around Michigan through the summer. Early fall we are planning to make our first journey to the northeast. Then for the winter we are thinking we will return to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas where we were when we had to leave the road.

We are going to do it! Maybe sometime you can join us along the way.

4 thoughts on “WE ARE GOING TO DO IT!

  1. Safe travel and remember to keep the wind on your back.
    Know we will pray for continued good health. Maybe we can meet up and enjoy a good pizza again someday.


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