When you need to get rid of your RV, what is the best way to do it? If you are also thinking of getting another RV the issue is a little different than if you are just selling. We have done both.  We traded in an RV when buying a different one and we have sold an RV on our own.

A few months ago, we sold our thirty-eight-foot Laredo. Here’s how we did it:

We wanted to present the RV in the best possible light. So, we made any necessary repairs to the unit. There were a few minor issues, mostly cosmetic that needed to be tended to. We saw to it that all was in good order.

We thoroughly cleaned the RV inside and out. We washed the outside. We cleaned the inside. All the windows were washed. Appliances were cleaned. We removed all the personal decorations we had put up inside. We also removed any items that were not going to be included in the sale. We put new tires on the RV because the others had some wear. It’s kind of like selling a car. We did all of the spit and shine so it would look good on first sight.

I did some research to determine the estimated worth of our RV. Primarily I did this by using the online service through NADA. But I also looked at other listings in our area to see what comparable RVs were selling for. Finally, I decided on a price based on comparable values and any upgrades I had made.

Before we listed it, I wrote the description of the Laredo. I had looked at many listings and knew what others were saying and not saying in their listings. And I thought about what I would want to know about an RV I would consider buying. Most internet sites will ask for basic information about your RV when listing it. But I think it is insufficient for any serious buyer. They need much more information. Without it becoming I gave all the information I would want to know. I listed the length, net weight, total weight, tank capacities, all the technical data about the RV. I talked about all the features of the RV from the hitch to the bumper. I described every feature in every room trying not to overlook anything that might be attractive to a buyer. The solar system we had added to the RV was a major factor so I gave a pretty thorough description of it. And I briefly told a story about the adventures we had and those that lay ahead for the new owner.

We took pictures, lots of pictures. We took several angles of every room so people could really see what it looked like. I also picked out a few photos of the RV from beautiful locations where we had parked. My goal in all of this was to give someone the feeling that they just had to have the RV.

I chose three places to list the RV. Two free, and one paid. We listed it on Facebook Market Place and Craigslist. These are both free but have huge audiences. However, they weren’t very fruitful. Soon after listing we began getting what I would consider scam inquiries. This usually would be someone hundreds of miles away offering full price and they would have it shipped. I was certain these were scams and would not even respond. The other thing that began to happen was I began to hear from brokers. These people guaranteed that they could get full price and their brokerage fees guaranteed. Their service would cost me nothing. One of these services was nationally known. At least it seemed to be based upon my internet search. One of the others only showed up in one or two places.  We actually considered one of these services. It had mostly positive reviews. I actually talked with one of their representatives and she was very nice. But at the end of the day, we decided not to go with a broker. It just seemed too good to be true.

The paid service we used was RV Trader. We had found our first RV on RV Trader and had a great experience purchasing it hundreds of miles away. So, we knew a bit about them. Plus, I had spent hours, and hours looking at RVs on their site. We chose to use their best option which costs $199.95. I consider this a small investment if it worked. This level of listing includes making your listing more visible on their site, in online searches and in their featured listings and you have a full year for your listing if you need it. You can post up to fifty photos and even create a YouTube video. This is a well-known service with great traffic on their site. I was very easy to set up. Most importantly it produced a buyer!

I was contacted by someone about a hundred miles away. We made an appointment for them to come see the RV. We gave them the tour and spent quite a bit of time talking with them. They returned to their home and a few days later called with an offer for the full asking price! They transferred a sizable deposit to us and within a matter of a few weeks the RV was gone.

The decision to sell was precipitated by the health issues which I discussed in the previous posts. We doubted we would ever be able to RV again. But God is amazing! He worked a miracle in my life and now we are looking at travel once again. Next time I will write about buying an RV!

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