* My previous post confused some who have been familiar with our current circumstances. We are not currently traveling. We are nowhere close to Texas. But we were there six months ago. I got way behind on posting, not that I was ever that timely, because of our current situation. More about that later. So, I’m just trying to get caught up, sort of.

I could just complete this post with one sentence. But what’s the fun in that? But let me go ahead and say it and then we’ll see where this goes. When RVing you don’t need to find community, community will find you.

We had traveled to Texas to spend the winter in the Rio Grande Valley. I would be serving as a Chaplain in a RV Resort in Harlingen, TX with Christian Resort Ministries (CRM). 

Our next stop, after leaving the Hill Country, was Brownsville, TX. CRM provided a week of training for their Chaplains before the winter season began. When we pulled into the Breeze Lake Campground in Brownsville and began parking the RV we were immediately greeted by three men offering to help us park. I’ve been told that it is a breach of etiquette to make such an offer uninvited. However I welcome such offers because parking the RV is my least favorite part of this lifestyle.  Within minutes, community had found us. These men proceded to literally park level and hook up the RV for us, even providing some of the leveling blocks, and introducing us to the neighbors.

Granted we had other things in common in addition to RVing. They too were there for the Chaplaincy training. We also shared Christian Faith which naturally results in community. But it was RVing which brought us together. We have stayed in contact with several of the couples who we spent the week together with.

Our very first trip with a RV resulted in our meeting a couple which almost immediately resulted in a bond that continues to grow to this day. We traveled together on a four state trip and had a wonderful time. Last summer we would have traveled together to Alaska had it not been for Covid. We are still hoping to make that trip together in the future. We continue to stay in contact and visit and camp together. This couple is very special to us and ours is a clear illustration of the community that finds us on the road. 

In the winter of 2019-2020 while attending an RV Rally in Florida a couple next door to us began to visit with each other. By the time we pulled out of the park we had made a plan to meet and travel the Natchez Trace Parkway together in the spring. Again Covid knocked that in the head but we have stayed in contact through social media.

Back to Texas. After our training we made our way to Harlingen,TX to the Park Place Estates RV Resort where CRM had assigned me for the winter. We arrived there the last week of October, 2020. When you go to a park as a snow bird or for an extended period of time there is almost immediate community if you want it. My parents wintered for several consecutive years in a park in Frost Proof, Florida. Some of their closest relationships grew out of that experience and RVing in general.

We immediately began enjoying community with folks at Park Place. Meals were shared, activities enjoyed together, common interests drew people together, and just visiting with people as you moved about around the park, all this and more built community. We grew very close with one particular couple while we were there. A friendship grew which I am certain will last life long. We simply enjoy a community which is rich and endearing. Like the couple mentioned earlier we feel very close with this couple. We hope our friendship enriches them as much as theirs has us.

RV life doesn’t need to be lonely. Sure you are going to leave behind family and friends. You will miss them. But social media and the many tools that come with it has made that a lot easier. But if you want community you really don’t have to look for you. It will find you.


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