We arrived in LA (Lower Alabama) on December 15, 2019 and stayed until April 28, 2020.  Our home while there was the Escapees Park, Rainbow Plantation.  We had not planned to stay so long but because of Covid-19 we decided to stay put.  First of all, let me say that the Rainbow Plantation was a very nice park and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. The sites were nice and big. It was a quiet park. And we met a lot of fine people there.

As we have detailed in an earlier post, one of our favorite things we enjoyed about LA was the fresh seafood which was so abundant along the Gulf Coast. If you enjoy seafood this is the place for you. If you are a beach comber just know that some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are along the Gulf Coast in LA. If you are like me and enjoy history there is much to enjoy in LA. Forts Morgan and Gaines stand on each side of mobile bay and await your visit. If you are into WWII history you can tour the USS Alabama which in anchored in the Mobile harbor. Along with the Alabama is the USS Drum a WWII era submarine.

There are a number of beautiful parks in LA. We were able to enjoy three of them. One of our favorite parks is the North Beach Park in Fairhope. Located on the East shore of Mobile Bay we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset form the Fairhope Municipal Pier located in the park. On another occasion we took a leisurely walk along a mostly elevated walkway which runs along the bay through beautiful wooded swamps.  There is a lovely park running along the beach at Gulf Shores which we also enjoyed on a couple of occasions. There is a nice paved walking and bicycling path which runs along the beach and numerous benches to sit and enjoy the view. Gulf Shores State Park has a very nice RV Campground. There are miles of paved walking and bicycling paths. We took a nice – ride there one afternoon. There is also a great pier in the park which goes out into the Gulf. You might get to meet a Pelican up close and personal

A must do in our opinion is a visit to Alligator Alley in Summerdale. This Alligator farm has hundreds of alligators and a variety of other critters. It is a great place to see alligators in their natural habitat. Don’t miss feeding time. This is both informative and entertaining. If your lucky you might even get to wrestle a gator as I did! As you can see from the photo, I did handle him quite easily.

We enjoyed our first Marti Gras while in LA. Mobile is the home of America’s first Marti Gras parade. Mobile celebrates Marti Gras for days leading up to Ash Wednesday. We enjoyed parades in Mobile, Fort Morgan, and Gulf Shores. If you like wild and crazy go to the parades in Mobile. If you’re a little  more laid back I recommend Fort Morgan or Gulf Shores.

We enjoyed the Estuarium which is located on Dauphin Island adjacent to Fort Gains. Primarily and aquarium this study of the sea life in the LA region is fascinating. You have opportunities to talk with oceanographers who are experts on the sea life of the area. I saw many things I had never seen before.

As you can imagine with water everywhere boating is a really big deal in LA. Whether you rent a boat or take one of the many dolphin tours or even better have a friend with a boat, as we do, there is much to enjoy on, in, and under the waters of LA.

There is much more to do and see in LA. Due to Covid-19 restrictions there was much we missed. But that just gives us an excuse to return to LA for another adventure.

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