Our first quarter of full time RVing lies behind us. It has passed quickly but as I think back on it, the first quarter seems quite full. I have already written about most of it so I’ll just mention some of it quickly and elaborate on a couple of things I have not yet mentioned and then finally conclude with a few observations.

On October 27, 2019 we left Michigan and made our way to Minnesota to spend a few days visiting our youngest daughter and her family. From there we made our way to South Dakota to establish our residency. After just a few days we began our journey south. We were headed for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but in Kentucky we encountered some mechanical difficulties and wound up having to skip the Smokies on this leg of our journey. Once the repairs were complete, we made our way to Savannah, Georgia. Having thoroughly enjoying Savannah we left there and headed to Lake Guntersville State Park in northeast Alabama. We had a wonderful time there spending time with my sister and celebrating Thanksgiving together. Leaving north Alabama, we traveled to the Gulf Islands National Seashore and camped at the Fort Pickens Campground. After two weeks we traveled about an hour to our current location, Rainbow Plantation Escapees RV Park, where we have been for the last six weeks.

Earlier this month we left Pete (our 5th wheel) behind and took a little vacation in Tampa, Florida and attended the Florida RV Super Show. We had attended several RV shows in the past but nothing that compares with this show. The show is held at the Florida State Fairgrounds and it is massive. There were over 1,500 RVs of just about every brand and model on display along with about 200 vendors of various RV products. Entertainers walked the midways and there were regular seminars on a variety of RV related subjects. Many of our favorite RV YouTubers were at the show and we got to meet and talk with several of them. We were at the show two days. We had heard a lot about this show and wanted to experience it. We also wanted to check out the 5th wheels and perhaps find the floor plan we would like to have in the future. Keep reading and I’ll say a little more about this below. For me the highlight of the experience was twofold. First, we got to spend time with one of our nieces one evening while we were there and also had a former church member came over and spent the day with us. Secondly on Thursday night after the show there was an after party sponsored by the RVers and RVnGo. The RVers is a new TV show about RVing broadcast on the Discovery Chanel and will soon be aired on PBS. We got to meet the producer (who also produces the show The Aviators) and some of the stars of the show. But the YouTubers mentioned earlier were there and we got to visit with several of them.

While at the show we did find a 5th wheel floor plan we really like. Why are we already looking at another 5th wheel? We are actually very happy with Pete. For the two of us we are quite comfortable. But there is no room for company. Those of you who know us know we love people and we just don’t have room for people to come and visit. So sometime in the future we will begin looking for a previously owned 5th wheel with the floor plan we like. It will have a living area with opposing couches on the two side walls, and entertainment center on the other outside wall and theater seats opposite the entertainment center.  There will be a mid-kitchen, and a master suite on opposite end from the living area. This floor plan comes in a front living and rear living model. Don’t know when but I’m pretty sure there is one of these in our future.

Now a few thoughts from our first quarter: We are very comfortable in Pete. Other than the axel problem we had in Kentucky (which was not Pete’s fault) Pete has performed wonderfully and we really do find him comfortable. We have met a lot of wonderful people along the way. Meeting new people and hearing their stories has been quite a treat. Traveling as we are has given us opportunity to visit with old friends and family along the way. We have connected with friends that we have not seen for years and that has been a blessing. For example, here, I have been able to spend a lot of time with my best friend from my school days. We actually met in church before we began the first grade. We have enjoyed going to new places and seeing new things. We have enjoyed visiting churches along the way and are especially enjoying our winter church home. One of the things we were concerned about was missing our church family. We do miss them, but we have been reminded that wherever God’s church gathers we are family. I only have one negative; We miss our family. We knew this would be the case. We talk by phone often, we text frequently, and occasionally do video calls. That all helps but it’s no substitute for a hug and a kiss. April will be here soon and then we’ll gather our family up in our arms. In the mean time there are exciting experiences down the road.

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