Lake Guntersville

Here we sit in the Lake Guntersville State Park in north-east Alabama. It is November 27, 2019. We began our fulltime RV journey exactly one month ago today. When I look back on the last month, I am amazed at all that has taken place.

We have spent at least one night in each of these states: Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Missouri, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. We have stayed in three state parks, one county park, one city park, one privately owned RV park, and booncracked at three different Cracker Barrels. We have traveled 4,344 miles.

We have been able to spend time with many old friends along the way. We had dinner with some old college friends in Louisville, Kentucky. While broke down in Frankfurt, Kentucky, we worshiped with and dined with friends made in seminary and who later served together with in the same association of churches in Ohio. We were joined by another couple who also served in that same association, and he had been my field advisor while I was working on my doctorate. We also worshiped in the church I grew up in and reconnected with friends there and over Sunday dinner in Huntsville, Alabama. While in Huntsville we went by and visited with the man who had been our worship leader in that church and had led the youth choir in addition to his many other responsibilities.  He is now eighty-five years old and in poor health. He is one of those people who has had a powerful impact on my life and it was such a blessing to spend time with him and reflect on very happy times. Just yesterday another college friend who we have not seen since college drove an hour and a half to come and have lunch with us. She and I were actually on a date together when I met another lovely and fun loving, young woman who would later become my wife. It has been great fun connecting again with old friends. While here in Alabama we have also been able to visit with my ninety-three-year-old Uncle and Aunt.

We have met several terrific people along the way. The people in South Dakota who helped us set up our residency were awesome. The RV Technician and RV Park owner who helped us while we dealt with the axel problem were such a blessing. Even the business woman who went out of her way to correct a mistake was a delight. We are members of a web-based group called RVillage. When we arrive at a place, others who are in the area will get a notification that we have arrived. Earlier this week “Captain Dan” welcomed us to Lake Guntersville State Park through RVillage. The next afternoon he came over and invited us to dinner with the others who are camping in our loop of the park. These kind folks had prepared a pot-luck and it was absolutely fabulous! What a great time we had enjoying a fine meal and sitting around the campfire getting to know new friends.

One month in we are making the adjustment just fine. Our small home is not too crowded and we are enjoying our huge yard. We are doing well preparing our meals in our small “kitchen.” We have achieved a pretty good balance in our travel pace. We have learned how to get parked without breaking out divorce papers. Most of all we have learned we can do this fulltime RV life.

We miss our kids and grandkids every day. But thanks to text messages, phone calls, and face time we are managing. Tomorrow will be our first major holiday apart. I think we will all find it a bit of a challenge. But we will forge new traditions and look forward to other holidays when we will be together. 

Tomorrow we will spend Thanksgiving Day with my sister. Our time here has been the longest time we have had together in many years. We will have our meal at the lodge here at the state park, which according to many reports puts on a spectacular buffet for Thanksgiving.

We have much to be thankful for. Just the fact that we can make this adventurous journey together is cause for much gratitude. We have been reminded that there are many fine people along the way. We have enjoyed taking in the beauty of our wonderful country. Even having seen how kind and helpful people can be during our breakdown is cause for Thanksgiving. We are thankful for family who are supporting us on this crazy adventure. We are thankful most of all for our heavenly father who paid such an extravagant price to demonstrate his love for us. And we are thankful for you for following is on our journey.

Thanksgiving blessings to each of you!

5 thoughts on “THANKFUL

  1. It is great following you on this journey. I am grateful for friendships like ours and I pray your Thanksgiving is a wonderful one with your sister. Love you both! Mike


  2. God is so good to us all the time! Thank you for sharing. We are so thankful for the both of you. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mary, and Carol.


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