We were in South Dakota to establish our residency. While there we stayed at the Big Sioux State Recreation Area (BSSRA). The BSSRA is located just west of Brandon, SD and just a few miles east of Sioux Falls.  The park lies along the Big Sioux River.  The park has a day use area, the campground, and even a dog training area.

The campsites are nice and large with 50, 30, and 25 AMPs available at every site. There are also three small camping cabins that look  quite nice. There are 50 campsites a few of which are tent only sites. This time of year the bath house is closed and all but one water spigot are disabled. The dump station was open but only for grey water and no water was available at the dump station. A paved path runs along the river on the west side of the campground.

I would love to tell you how friendly the staff were. But we never saw them. This is not a complaint. With only one RV in the campground what would they do all day? We pulled in found our site and made ourselves at home. The campground was extremely quiet and very private. I’m sure that one reason for that was that we were the only people crazy enough to be parked there this time of  the year! Each of the three nights we were there the temperature was down in the 20s. We were literally the only RV in the entire campground! We did see people on the trail and some walked their dogs through the campground but there were no, I repeat no, other RVers to be found. BSSRA is a nice park and the campground is great. But I would suggest that November is probably not the best to go there. Unless you are a polar bear.


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