A number of years ago I was going through the missionary appointment process with the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.  One of the requirements was to take a test which assessed my psychological health.  I barely squeaked by.  One of the questions was “Do you like tall women?” While it wasn’t one of the multiple choice answers my answer at least in my head was “Well yea!”

Penelope our RAM 3500 HD is one tall lady.  So tall that Pete our 27-foot fifth wheel was a little too unlevel while chasing Penelope down the road.  So recently I got Pete a lift kit and with a friend gave him a three-inch boost.  Now Pete is far more comfortable tagging along after Penelope.

I ordered my parts from Speedway Motors and bought the three-inch universal leaf spring blocks.  The kit came with aluminum three-inch blocks and the U-bolts to fit my three-inch axles.  The job was surprisingly simple.  Primarily because a good friend did most of the work.  We did run into a small  problem. The lift blocks were a half inch wider than the leaf spring plates.  We could not find leaf spring plates the size the size we needed so we had to have some made. Thanks to Machine Craft, who make the new leaf spring plates we were back in business.

Now Pete and Pen are better matched.  Pete is much closer to level and there is a notable difference in how he tows.  Thanks to Lou for a job well done.

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