Some of our favorite RVing and camping experiences have been with friends. Meeting up with others or even traveling together adds meaning to your RV experience.

We enjoy meeting up with others. Just recently we met friends in Northern Kentucky and spent a few days together in General Butler State Park. We have met up with them before and knew we would have a great time.  We have met up with friends multiple times over the years. Sometimes it’s another couple or family and other times it is with a group of friends. Either way, it has always been a great time.

We have also traveled with others. We have caravanned with others and we have traveled together in the same RV with friends.

A few years ago, we traveled from Michigan to the Escapees National Rally in Sedalia, Missouri with another couple. We used CB radios to keep in touch as we drove. We had planned our trip together and agreed on campgrounds along the way, the pace of travel, the route, and other issues. We enjoyed the trip and hope to travel together to Alaska someday.

Our very first RVing experience was renting a class C with another couple and traveling together for eleven days. There were five adults and two teenage girls in that twenty-eight-foot RV and we traveled hundreds of miles. And we had a blast. This fall we are joining this same couple and traveling to the northeast together. We have been planning together and are certain of a great time.

For the last few years, we have been meeting up with friends over Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. About half a dozen families come and park together in the same area of the campground and enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience. We plan certain meals together and who’s bringing what. Other meals we might do on our own. During the day each family might do their own thing.

We have also found RVing with others at Rallies is a good way to make new friends. We met our friends we traveled with to the Escapees rally at another Escapees rally. In the winter of 2020, we met a couple at the Spirit of the Road Rally in Florida. Before the rally was over we had planned to travel together along the Natchez Trace together that spring. Unfortunately, we had to cancel that trip because of COVID. But it’s an example of how quickly you can establish relationships while RVing.

Here are a few things that have made our experiences together:

  • Leave your annoying friends at home. (I’m surprised I get to go on these trips.)
  • Allow room for individual experiences. (Everyone doesn’t have to do everything)
  • Plan together.
  • Campfires are best with friends.
  • Share some meals together. (Share the responsibilities)
  • Chill (Relax and enjoy the experience)

Let’s plan to RV together in the future!

One thought on “RVING WITH FRIENDS

  1. Ok, we missed driving the trace, but we don’t want to miss the now. Our plans got put on hold as I am recovering from back surgery a week ago. At this point I am doing much better than I expected. So, Mary and I would like to meet up with you while you are still in Michigan. It will be one of our first planned trips . post surgery.
    My email is jerry@schmierer.com and phone number is 765-414-0562
    Looking forward to seeing you again.
    Jerry and Mary Schmierer


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